Reality TV

In Sept. 2015 producers of a new Mark Burnett (creator of Survivor, The Voice, Shark Tank, etc) sent a few emails saying we love your previous inventions(i.e. SpeakerBlast) and think you should auditon for our new maker show, America's Greatest Makers.


Opportunities like these do not knock often, so after a lot of back and forth a team I put together quickly and myself pursued it. There was a million dollar prize and the potential promise of fulfilling one of my pie in the sky dreams (professional inventor).


Well six months after going through many interviews, flying out to where it was filmed and auditioning we are excited to say the show has finished airing!


It was a great experience to participate in a reality show (albeit briefly). We got to pitch our much needed phone case that charges your phone by resting on other devices and the producers could not have been more excited by it.


by: Ryan Spahn
May 26, 2016