Google/Motorola and SpeakerBlast

May 14, 2015

As an inventor who has spent about a decade pouring heart and soul into building new ideas on the web, it was thrilling to receive an email from Google/Motorola noting their interest in my work.

In Feb. of 2013 friends and I began building SpeakerBlast, which connects 100s/1000s of Internet devices together & forces them all to play the same media in sync; a better Bluetooth via the web. In March of 2013, Samsung announced they were building SpeakerBlast like capabilities into their S4 device. Not soon after I received an email from Google/Motorola noting their interest in building similar capabilities into their latest flagship phone, the Moto X. In April of 2013 we had a few discussions with them, signed this expired Non-Disclosure Agreement and flew out to the valley from Baltimore to hopefully seal a deal.

As for the rest of the story, Google/Motorola decided not to include any type of SpeakerBlast capabilities into the Moto X. A bummer for us, but there were no guarantees made about being bought by them. This is the last we heard from Google/Motorola.

The blood, sweat and tears continues for me and my passion for creating on the web. With inventing and entrepreneurship it's a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs!

2019 UPDATE: Indeed as noted above it was exciting to be invited by Google to discuss possibly working together. It was a bummer that no deals/partnerships were made with Google or Samsung or others we met with. Yet and again there were no guarantees, but unlike our professional meetings with Samsung and others Google baited/tricked/lied by saying "We want to work together," "Tell us how SpeakerBlast works," in our meeting with them. Once we revealed our algorithm they left the room & 3 minutes later threw us out saying, "The race is on." Later I see this MIT student's story showing Google ATAP trying steal/patent her work before getting caught "Company Tried to Patent My Work After a Job Interview."

This update is to help and alert other inventors, as I really didnt know what to fully expect. Though I expected at the least a professional and respectful meeting with Google, which it was far from it. Overall I hope you have a better experience!

p.s. I recommend using DuckDuckGo over Google. DuckDuckGo protects your privacy, unlike Google which knows everything about you!